Argentinian Tango  on  Saturday afternoons, from 1 – 5 pm   at Saint John’s Community Centre, 37-39 Glengall Grove, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3NE.

‘TangoE14’   Programme for Summer 2019 :

– Saturday 25th May,                                                 1 – 5pm    Normal afternoon, £5.

– Saturday 1st June,                                                  11.30am – 12.45pm  First week                                of  Performance Group. See below for details.  Followed by:-                                                                                                   1 – 5 pm    Normal afternoon, £5.

– Saturday 8th June,                                                  1 – 5pm    Normal afternoon, £5.

– Saturday 15th June,                                                1 – 5pm    Normal afternoon, £5.

– Saturday 22nd June,                                              1 – 5pm    Normal afternoon, £5.

– Saturday 29th  June,                                              1 – 5pm    Visiting Teachers :                                                                                                       ‘ Los Ocampo ‘. £12.

[  This programme is correct at  22nd May 2019, but may be amended if we confirm                  other visiting teachers, or if the Hall becomes unavailable on a particular day. We               would normally be given at least 3 weeks notice of any change.  ]

PROGRAMME when we do not have visiting teachers or special events:

1 – 2pm  CLASS. Currently Tony Lane is leading the first class, and as always responding  to the requests and needs of those attending.                                                                                          ‘BASIC  MATERIAL’ for everyone, beginners or advanced.
What are the keys to Argentinian Tango as opposed to other dances ?                                        If you are a beginner please come early so we can give you more attention.                          We may split the class according to needs, but often join everyone for basic exercises.                                                                                                                                                                 Alternatively, there is lots of room for people to practice on their own.

DANCERS’ may be suggested at any time during the first half
of the afternoon as appropriate.

2.00 – 3 pm  CLASS. Currently Anita van de Watering is leading the second class, developing themes and improving techniques.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Or you can practice on your own.

3 – 5 pm Our relaxed PRACTICA / MILONGA ( Dance )  playing your requests, mainly ‘Golden Age’ tango. If you have something special you would like us to play, please bring it with you.


********        ********       ********       ********       ********


PERFORMANCE GROUP :  Anita has found there is enthusiasm among some of our members to have a separate performance group, and has prepared this proposal with the aim of starting on 1st June. The next session would be 13th July.                                                   So if you are interested, consider what she proposes, and hopefully you will join us. Some things might be discussed to be agreed by the group, such as costumes. Anyway, your feedback is always appreciated.

TangoE14 Performance Group

Starting 1 June 2019 – performing at Flourishing Lives in Tate Exchange in May 2020

For many, performing Tango is a dream! Now is the opportunity to do so at Flourishing Lives festival and the Tate Modern. We are also looking into performing at the Early Bloom Festival, a local performing arts festival organised by The Space on the Isle of Dogs, taking place on top of the Crossrail station in the rooftop garden (where we have done events before).

We will learn and perform a routine using tango de salon and some stage tango elements to spice it up. We will learn 3 dances; a traditional Tango, a Tango Vals and a Milonga. We will be using a mixture of traditional and Nuevo music.

Worried you don’t have the experience? Don’t fret: there is always a first time, and this time is always the one you will cherish forever. We have enough rehearsals planned to make it work.

About the Performance Group :

The student group will be composed of everyone who is willing to dance tango in a performance. You don’t have to have lots of experience just willingness to learn and to commit to the performance and rehearse. So (unless you are a complete beginner) you can join the group, in couples or solo. Couples are expected to also dance with other dancers.

About the rehearsals :

The sessions will be full of energy, fun and much more than just social dancing.
– Take your Tango dancing to the next level and learn 3 exciting routines;
– Meet new people and join an inclusive group;
– Learn the art of stage performance;
– Perform in front of a friendly and appreciative audience at community events.
– Improve posture, expression and musicality, lead and follow skills.
Anita van de Watering will lead the sessions with Tony Lane’s support. We will accompany you through this creative process with close up guidance and support.

Anita has done 4 performance projects with community groups, the last project was for a documentary that later won 2 awards. It was about a woman with cerebral palsy (for those that don’t know; she is non verbal in her communication and in a wheelchair with limited arm and leg movements) and the able bodied dancers were often people that had never danced before.  They managed to perform a beautiful touching 20 minute choreography to live music. Just to illustrate that having an impairment and or no experience is still no barrier for taking part (so stop the excuses now ) and join in !

Times, costs and location

Location of the rehearsals: St Johns Community Centre, 37-39 Glengall Grove, London, E14 3NE. Nearest DLR station is Crossharbour (5 min walk).

Dates: Saturdays before normal TangoE14 in the morning, 11.30am-12.45pm, on:
June 1
July 13, 27
August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
September 7

October 26
Not here on a specific Saturday? Please let us know in advance

There will be more rehearsals throughout the year at least another 15 minimum- 20 maximum. We’ve planned for the possibility of 30 sessions altogether just in case if we need it.

Costs: £40 for 10 rehearsals of 1 hour and 15 minutes (so probably 2 more blocks/ instalments of £40 each= another £80)[1]

Costumes: ladies and men will be expected to source (borrow, buy or rent) a costume. For ladies an outfit that is one colour without prints/ patterns and sleeveless, with skirt/ dress ’til around the knee. Men will wear black suits and shoes, white shirts and accessories. To be agreed.

How to apply :

Apply by contacting Anita    07740 137 383       or      a.vandewatering@gmail.com      We can then have a chat to arrange details.  Please leave your phone number.

[1]If unable to pay and you are motivated and committed please do let Tony and me know as concessions are available. However, we do need  a minimum of full paying dancers.


********        ********       ********       ********       ********


FREE  EVENTS  coming up :

1/  On the Bank Holiday,
Monday 27th May 2019, from 1 – 4 pm in Victoria Park East, E3 5TB.
Tony Lane will be hosting
‘ Toni’s Global Village Dance ‘
There will be a mixed programme of partner dancing including
Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Lindy Hop, Jive, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Sequence and other dances. 
We have been promised a proper dance floor in a dance tent.
This is an all inclusive and open event for all people who enjoy doing or watching, whether
old, young, gay, straight, local or not, just good natured people enjoying partner dancing.
The organisers, being very security conscious, have strict conditions on what you can bring in to the Festival Area. If in doubt follow their website to see their conditions.
Or just bring yourselves, dance shoes, and showerproof jacket.
For a map of Victoria Park see
The dance tent is roughly in the vicinity of the Bandstand. See map.
If coming up Grove Road, enter the Eastern section of the Park through the East Crown Gate.
This event is organised as part of the ‘ All Points East Festival ‘, 24 May – 2 June,
https://www.allpointseastfestival.com/   in coordination with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.
There are a wide range of performers, and most of the events at the weekends are ticketed,
but from Monday 27th to Thursday 30th there are a number of free events.
 ‘Toni’s Global Village Dance’ is on Monday 27th only.
Victoria Park, Grove Road, E3 5TB.
Nearest Tubes: Mile End, about 15 minute walk, or get Bus 277 North from Mile End.
                          Bethnal Green, about 15 minute walk.
Railway stations: Cambridge Heath, Hackney Wick, or Homerton.
Take public transport as parking close to Victoria Park will be difficult.
Monday 27th May,  4 – 8 pm
FREE  Milonga in the Bandstand in Hyde Park,
organised by Warren Edwards.
Fun if you can cope with dancing in a crowded space.
Wednesday 29th May, 12.30 – 2.30pm
FREE  Spitalfields Tea Dance.                                                                                                            Ballroom and Latin with  The New Covent Garden Orchestra.

********        ********        ********        ********        ********

SPECIAL VISITING TEACHERS  are  planned for some Saturdays and we will amend the programme accordingly when details are confirmed.

Previous visiting teachers have included:

– ‘Los Ocampo’ ;  Omar Ocampo and Monica Romero
on ‘ The evolution of Tango dance ‘, ‘ Milonga ‘, ‘ Tango Vals ‘, ‘ Canyengue ‘,                             and ‘ Chacarera ‘.

– Pablo Nievas and Valeria Zunino.(See Video page ).

– Hernan Brusa, dancing to Melodic and Rhythmic Tangos.

– ‘ Il Faut ‘ tango guitar duo, Flavio Romanelli and Marcos Martignano (See Video page).

– Anthony Howell ( See Video page ) and Lindi De Angelis.

– Alejandro Figliolo and Lucas de Buenos Aires.

– Alex Barberi.

– Mike Lavocah’s  ‘Rough guide to Tango Orchestras’.

– Raquel Greenberg.

– Lora Hudson.

– Jan Nicol.

********        ********        ********        ********        ********

‘TangoE14’ is at Saint John’s Community Centre
37-39 Glengall Grove, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3NE.

normally £5 for the whole afternoon, but a price increase will apply when we have visiting teachers.

FREE TEA and COFFEE available throughout the afternoon. Sometimes kind souls even bring tasty snacks to share.

Dockland’s Light Rail ‘Crossharbour’ , walk down slope, cross Eastferry Road at crossing, then keep going straight ahead across pavement. You are then on Glengall Grove. The hall is 150 metres down Glengall Grove on the Right Hand Side.

Or Buses  277, 135, D6 and D8 to ASDA ( Crossharbour ).
Walk through path ( on right of Health Centre car park ) which takes you directly to Glengall Grove and St John’s Community Hall.

For a map of the area click on http://maps.google.co.uk and enter the postcode E14 3NE.

TangoE14 provides a great opportunity to develop your skills in Argentine Tango, learn something new , and share what you know in a friendly relaxed group.

TangoE14 intends to be open as indicated if possible, but there may be some days when the Hall will not be able to be used. We have been told that we will get fair notice when the hall is not available. This website is updated regularly, and was last updated on 22nd May 2019.

If in doubt phone:      

Tony Lane                               020 7538 3852                                    or                          

Anita van de Watering       07740 137 383        to confirm details.




MIKE LAVOCAH’s books –                                                                                                         – ‘Tango Stories: Musical Secrets’ ;  very informative and enjoyable reading.                 – ‘Tango Masters: Anibal Troilo’.                                                                                                     – ‘Tango Masters: Osvaldo Pugliese’.                                                                                               – ‘Tango Masters: Carlos Di Sarli’.

  Mike was our visiting teacher on 8th November 2014 with his ‘Rough Guide to Tango Orchestras’. On 13th October 2018 he talked about ‘The Big Four – D’Arienzo, Di Sarli, Pugliese and Troilo’.                                                                                                      He also has some Tango CDs for sale.
Check out his websites:
http://www.tangomusicsecrets.co.uk             and



You can listen to Argentine Tango on the internet, for example try :





Many students ask about the words, meanings and translations of Tango songs.
Go to this site and click on the songs you want, in both Spanish and English:


Amy’s  beautiful shoes for tango dancers and brides, has ‘Turquoise’, ‘Mr Tango’ and ‘Dancesport’ shoes, and can do custom made. Quote code ‘ANITA 15’ for 15% discount    (as at 6 August 2018).                                                                                                                              Amy D. Krishnaswamy<amy@amysshop.co.uk>,
www.amysshop.co.uk   (if you have any difficulty getting the website, then please phone)    Phone +44(0)1737 668252
Mobile +44(0)7856 236433


Ken’s economically priced ballroom shoes, suitable for Tango. May have some shoes at sale prices.                                                                                                                  http://www.rippledance.co.uk



The photo at the top of this page is of Tony Lane and Kylie James, and was taken at Dunedin railway station New Zealand by Julian O’Hagan in March 2010.


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