Here are a few links to some tango videos :


‘Il Faut’ tango guitar duo, Flavio Romanelli and Marcos Martignano at TangoE14 on 21st June 2014. Part of their presentation:                      ‘Deep inside tango’.                                                                            


Pablo Nievas and Valeria Zunino danced at TangoE14 on Saturday 21st June 2014.                                              


Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes
Tango Embrace – An act of beauty


A Brief History of the Black Roots of Argentine Tango                

Anthony Howell and Lindi De Angelis / Tango Schuman
Tango at The Room
Tango Schumann – Anthony Howell & Lindi Köpke: Nocturne 16

Carlos Gavito y Maria Plazaola – A Evaristo Carriego

Los Hermanos Macana Tango New York Times Square‎

Rachel Greenberg                                                                                                                                           Frolov Alexandr & Raquel Greenberg, 3-3, Moscow, Milonga «Chiqué» 25.09.2016

Carlos y Rosa Perez en Tangocool mar 10

Geraldin Rojas y Pablo Veron , ‘Una Emocion’.

‘Tango Under the Thames’ with ‘TangoE14’, 3rd November 2018.


-Tony Lane and Elzbieta Budnik
Demonstrate Argentinian Tango at the Bay of Islands Arts Festival, Kerikeri, NZ,
14 Feb 2010. Dancing to Carlos Di Sarli’s ‘Mi Refugio’.


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    Hi Tony u r brillant

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